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Swap url in your DataViz tool

Whatever Dataviz tool you are using, Indexima for Snowflake is a transparent proxy in front of Snowflake. For most tools, to redirect Queries sent by your Dataviz Tool to Indexima instead of Snowflake, you only need to change the target URL: Replace in your target url with



No other change is needed. The same driver will accept this new URL and you’ll retrieve all your datas exactly as if you were directly connected to Snowflake.

⚠️ In any case, you need to be in direct query, meaning that you cannot import your data in your Dataviz Tool otherwise no queries will be sent to snowflake or Indexima


In tableau you just need to change this line :


And that’s it !

Anything supported by the Tableau / Snowflake connector will be supported out of the box when conecting through Indexima. Please see Tableau documentation for further details.


If you’re using Power BI, ideally you can use a parameter to define your Host. Then you just have to specify that your snowflake host is [Host]

Once your parameter is defined you just have to switch from one to another:


To connect to Snowflake or Indexima you need to previously define ODBC connections. Then you only need to change the server part, all other fields are unchanged.



In the Advanced Options / Additional Options you need to add to the JDBC chain connection the following parameters