Now that Indexima Core Engine is running, we will install the Indexima Console, to monitor and administer Indexima cluster.

All commands are executed as root.

Install Indexima Console (Visualdoop2)

Get & unzip jar files


cd /opt/indexima
curl -O<version>/indexima-installer-visual2-<version>.zip
unzip indexima-installer-visual2-<version>.zip
cd visualdoop2

where <version> is the version you want to install. Please see our latest release on

Adapt configuration

Copy this block to a configuration file named located in /opt/indexima/visualdoop2/


export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/jre # You might need to adapt this variable depending on your OS and where Java was installed
export VISUALDOOP_DATA=/opt/indexima/visualdoop-data # Path of a directory to store administration and temporary files
export VISUALDOOP_WEB_PORT=8082 # Web server port number
export VISUALDOOP_ADMIN=admin # Admin user

Start Indexima Console

Start the service


cd /opt/indexima/visualdoop2
nohup ./ &

Control the Console status

Go to http://localhost:8082 to control the console is running

Connect to the Console

Connect with default admin user: user: admin / password: admin