The REST API allows to interact with Indexima cluster. The API is exposed through the Indexima console, which depending of the endpoint, handle the request or forward the request to a node of the cluster.
The available endpoints covers the following features:

Document conventions

Endpoints are described with an HTTP method and a path. For example:

GET /api/monitor/get/version

Prepend your Developer Console URL to the path to get the full endpoint URL. For instance, if your URL is https://myindeximacluster:8082, then use the following endpoint URL:


Colon (:) in the path indicates a placeholder value that you must replace. For example:

GET /api/monitor/get/columns/:table

Bodies of requests and responses for each endpoint are described in a JSON format.


Most example in this documentation use curl and jq to call api and parse json replies.

Some endpoints (eg node status) are also available by calling directly a node on the monitor port (9999 by default). This is an internal API and it's not a recommended scenario to call it without going through the console, which handle global authentification mechanism.