Removed parameters

The following parameters have been removed in this version: 

  • warehouse.s3.https: This parameter is removed, as not required anymore, following upgrade of AWS SDK.

Deprecated parameters

No deprecated parameters in this version.

New parameters

The following parameters have been added in this version, following upgrade of AWS SDK:

  • s3.multi-part-part-size: Size (in bytes) of the parts when executing a multi-part copy (AWS allows parts between 5 MiB and 5 GiB).

  • s3.multi-part-upload-threshold: Size (in bytes) before multi-part copy is used (AWS does not support copy for files bigger than 5 GB).

  • s3.region: Configure the region with which the SDK should communicate.

Modified parameters

No modified parameters in this version.

Configuration files

No update to configuration files in this version.

Ranger plugins

  • Indexima plugin: No modification

  • Server plugin: No modification