Since Indexima is an SQL Engine based on Hive, it uses a file named hive-site.xml to configure the Hive portion of Indexima.

It uses all the options and parameters of the official Apache hive-site.xml.

You can also find additional information on how to connect to a Hive engine.

Parameters requiring attention

Connection to LDAP server

  • hive.server2.authentication
  • hive.server2.authentication.ldap.url
  • hive.server2.authentication.ldap.userDNPattern
  • hive.server2.authentication.ldap.userFilter

Go to Engine LDAP Authentication.

Connection to Hadoop server with a StandAlone Mode

In the case of a StandAlone cluster (using S3, NFS for the warehouse storage)  that requires to connect to a Hadoop cluster in order to load data, you need to define the scratchdir directory on the local filesystem in order to avoid writing on HDFS.