The following dashboard gives you an overview of the Memory usage on the cluster.

The Dashboard is divided into 4 sections described below:


3 types of Notifications are displayed:

  • Danger 
  • Warning
  • Infos

'See All notifications' allows you to view all notifications.

Overall Cluster Memory (usage)

  • Used space: Memory used (Indexes & Dictionaries) of loaded indexes.
  • Unloaded index: Memory used (Indexes & Dictionaries) of unloaded indexes.
  • Maximum Heap before Memory low:  Memory allocated for the indexima service - minus a buffer memory space.
  • Maximum Heap: Memory allocated for the indexima service.


Used Space + Unloaded Index should represent less than half of the Maximum Heap before Memory is low.

The other half is dedicated to SELECT or LOAD queries memory consumption.

10 Biggest Tables & Indexes

As you can see, Memory usage is split into Index and Dictionaries size.

10 Biggest Indexes