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Downloading Indexima & Installation files description

Download Indexima

Indexima requires several parts to function fully and properly. This article describes each of these parts and where to find them.

You can download them at You can then pick the version that suits you (it is recommended to use the latest).

Installation files description

Indexima Installer

This zip file contains Galactica, the Indexima core component:


This file is to be used in Standalone and Hadoop 2 context.


If you are using Indexima with an Hadoop3 cluster, you need a different version of the Indexima core named indexima-installer-galactica-hadoop3-<version>.zip.

Developer Console


The Developer Console is a web application allowing you to manage your Indexima cluster and projects with ease.

The file is named indexima-installer-visual2-<version>.zip.

Ranger for Indexima

If you need to use Ranger in a Hadoop context to manage rights (on schema, tables, and Monitor):


This file is to be used in Hadoop 2 context.


If you are using Hadoop3, you need the file named indexima-installer-ranger-hdp3-<version>.zip.

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