This page displays the current state of the cluster.

Indexima cluster is fully available for SQL queries when all nodes are "Attached" and their status is "Running".

Cluster/Node statuses

Nodes have 5 possibles statuses:

  1. Waiting nodes: The cluster is waiting for all nodes to be reachable before starting.
  2. Communication setup: Nodes are communicating, electing a master if needed, ... You can have this phase during a reinitialization
  3. Warehouse loading: Nodes are reading tables metadata and loading indexes.
  4. Migration: The cluster is migrating metadata or data of all tables
  5. Running: Cluster is up-and-running


  • The button RE-INITIALIZE CLUSTER cuts node communication. As a result, all running queries would be killed.

  • Tick the option "Reload Warehouse" to make the cluster:
    • forget all the diagrams, tables, indexes it had in memory
    • discover all the existing schemas, tables, indexes on the folder containing the warehouse

When the cluster is initializing,

you will see the following screen:

When a cluster is up and running, nodes statuses changes to: 

Cluster (Re)Start

When a cluster (re)starts, it:

  1. loads all schemas & tables metadatas
  2. and migrates data or metadata if needed. (when upgrading indexima version)
  3. Then only some indexes are loaded in memory.