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Dev Console with Kerberos

 The Kerberos section is required to be set if the Indexima cluster is Kerberized. We will also explain what to change in your JDBC URL in order to properly connect to a kerberized Indexima instance


First, on the left panel, click on Kerberos.

Here, you need to input the absolute path to the keytab used by the user and the principal. This is the path to the keytab on the machine hosting the Developer Console, not the Indexima cluster.


When this is done, you will need to add a parameter to your JDBC URL in the project you set up previously. 

Go back to the Project tab, and create a new project. You will need to add principal=user/hostname@DOMAIN.COM  to the JDBC URL of your Project. Eg.;principal=user/hostname@DOMAIN.COM

Save the project, and click on the SQL button to start using your Kerberized Indexima cluster

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