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Query History

Access Query History

Main Screen

When you click on Queries, you get this screen

  • Execution Date: Timestamp of the execution of the Query
  • Execution Time:Execution duration.
    • When GREEN, the execution was successful, when RED there were an error during the execution
  • Progress : gives the user the progression of some operation such as LOADs
  • User : Username & IP address of the user that executes the SQL command
  • SQL : SQL statement and number of results that this query generates
  • Indexes: Index(es) that would be used to answer the query => Only when the Query is a SELECT statement
    • When GREEN, the index contains all the columns of the query; Performance is optimum. When ORANGE, the query fetches fine data from the disk.

Query Profile

When you click on SELECT statements, the user can access more information related to the SQL query

There are three common metrics :

  • The memory used by the master node to aggregate your query, if needed
  • The maximum memory used for each node to compute
  • The number of lines read from the K-Store 

Query Profile

When a query spills on disk, Query Profile shows you how much Indexima has put on the local storage to perform your query. 

More information on Spill-to-Disk available here

Query Profile and External table

When a query is delegated to an external source, using an external table, Query Profile shows you some information about the external source and the number of rows retrieved from it.

More information on External tables available here.

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