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2021.2 - Services Packs

2021.2 Service Pack 1 ( May 12, 2021 )

INDXMA-6129(ZD#1273)Evolve powerbi.impersonate.field used for PowerBI and include null
INDXMA-6175 (ZD#1278) Communication error
INDXMA-6187 Wrong results with where clause in sub-query
INDXMA-6178 No smart analysis if only external tables
INDXMA-6132 PATTERN to load a folder
INDXMA-6128 Issue while merging dictionaries on index unloading
INDXMA-6099 BigRequest infinite wait with frozen sub-request
INDXMA-6084 Diagnostic have incomplete queries.csv file

2021.2 Service Pack 2 ( May 28, 2021 )

INDXMA-6242 (ZD#1278) timestamp cast performance problem 
INDXMA-6284 invalid alter table generation, non existing alias
Taking 100% more time to answer a query when there are plenty of indexes
Empty Prejoin Indexes at table creation
Prejoin indexes that generates NPE Error on 2 requests
Incorrect live_lines_without_commit in SHOW TABLECOUNT
INDXMA-6228 Wrong sub querie results returned with OLD JOINS
[Analyzer] Suggest Unknown columns in indexes
Altered results depending on sequence of queries
Migration error on VisualDoop project
[Analyzer] Suggest indexes with NPE errors
Issue with SF synchronize : not always the same result
Join subqueries without result

2021.2 Service Pack 3 ( June 3, 2021 )

(ZD#1319) Public role we can see the roles of all users
(ZD#1319) admin role does not exist by default
INDXMA-6288 (ZD#1317) 
Rlike not supported anymore
INDXMA-6306 Analyser provides Indexes that end into Ambigous column in query
Error in query Ambigous Column because of prejoin indexes
Inconsistent result depending on available index
Error "The query failed: XX" on a cross join
Analysis with pre-join should not take cross joins into account
Snowflake External query has not a valid group by expression
IncrementalStore error while clearing old plans
spilltodisk: too many JCS.QueueProcessor created
Incremental analyser execution storing add hidden time to request processing

2021.2 Service Pack 4 ( June 6, 2021 )

No prejoin indexes suggested in incremental mode (but suggested in PARSING mode)

2021.2 Service Pack 5 ( June 14, 2021 )

INDXMA-6379 Problem on select when creating a table from hive with an index
INDXMA-6359 Error in query (No suitable index)
INDXMA-6358 Error in query (The Query failed: 8)
INDXMA-6329 Show create table do not always show all the indexes
INDXMA-6326 Unable to query hive external table with schema name
INDXMA-6325 NPE during AddIndex
INDXMA-6318 Error on truncate table
INDXMA-6313 addindex triggers false results
INDXMA-6295 Load slower in 2021.2 than in 1.7.12

2021.2 Service Pack 6 ( June 22, 2021 )

INDXMA-6424 Handle SHOW TABLES for wizard on Impala
INDXMA-6421 Add better support for Hive external table
INDXMA-6354 Wrong column order when creating Table From impala with Partitionned table
INDXMA-6058 There is no suitable index for this query

2021.2 Service Pack 7 ( June 23, 2021 )

INDXMA-6402 ADD Index unknow error

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