• Developer console 2.0beta with the smoothest interface, allowing you to open multiple queries at the same time, with a better management of your projects
  • It is now possible to do data backup and restore with the new Import/Export functionalities
  • Indexima now supports external tables, allowing you to use Indexima with external warehouses such as Snowflake.

Release Note for the Indexima version

In details

User experience

  • INDXMA-2169 Improve LDAP verbosity of debug information to troubleshoot security configurations
  • INDXMA-2208 Improve logging information when Hyperindex of a dataspace is too big so that it does not flood the logs
  • INDXMA-2212 Prune all separator when parsing arguments of commands such as LOAD DATA INPATH, COMMIT when using BEELINE. Note; the INDEXIMA Developer console is already doing the job.
  • VISUALDP-0001 Release of the new Developer console 2.0


  • INDXMA-1917 Backup and restore warehouses, schemas, and tables
  • INDXMA-2192 You can now create external tables connected directly to your Hive and/or Snowflake instances, allowing you to use Indexima with it without reloading all your data.

Performance and security

  • INDXMA-2190 Allocate all cores set in conf/galactica.conf when starting in YARN for better balancing of the Hadoop resources
  • INDXMA-2191 Encrypt the internal INDEXIMA heartbeat port 19999 to enhance overall security level of INDEXIMA
  • INDXMA-2202 DROP TABLE is now parallelized, considerably increasing its speed


  • INDXMA-2116 Add SHOW GRANT command to display privileges on schema
  • INDXMA-2159 Add S3 additionnal support in AWS configuration : HTTPS and S3 compatible optionfile.s3.https = Use HTTPS as S3 protocol file.s3.compatible = Use Compatible mode for S3 protocol
  • INDXMA-2163 Add S3 endpoints such as warehouse=https://serveur/bucket to support NetApp StorageGRID appliances or any compatible S3 storage system
  • INDXMA-2225 Add insert.poolsize to define the number of threads used for inserting lines in Hyperindex.
  • INDXMA-2238 Add 2 new limitations in license : Limit the maximum number of dataspaces and limit the maximum number of row when using LOAD DATA INPATH . The Version 2 of license keycode works only from this gold release. It is declared invalid license when attempted on previous release
  • INDXMA-2267 Fix Null Pointer Exception when using the SQL command INSERT INTO while the parameter impersonation is set to true