This is the reference documentation for the Monitor REST API v1.

Document conventions

Endpoints are described with an HTTP method and a path. Example:

GET /api/get/version

Prepend your Monitor URL to the path to get the full endpoint URL. For instance, if your URL is https://myindeximacluster:9999, then use the following endpoint URL:


Colon (:) in the path indicates a placeholder value that you must replace. For instance:

GET /api/get/columns/:table

Bodies of requests and responses for each endpoint are described in a JSON format.

Security and authentication

If authentication is disabled, you can skip this section. With basic authentication, you can use your credentials to access the API. The credentials must be sent in an Authorization HTTP header. For instance, using cURL:

curl --user <login>:<password> https://myindeximacluster:9999/api/get/master

Monitor will use your credentials to authenticate, depending on the type of authentication you have chosen in Indexima.

Any requests which have invalid credentials will receive a 401 Unauthorized response code.

Response status code 

When an HTTP request is made, the status code tells you the outcome of your request. 

  • 200: Request has worked
  • 400: An error occurs for the request. You can check the error message in the response body
  • 401: Unauthorized. Credentials are invalid